Dial-up Internet connection can be annoying as it is a slow.  Unfortunately dial-up Internet has been the only option for people living in rural, until today.  You now have access to high-speed, "continually on" Internet no matter how extreme you are from town.


Our firm operates the world's most progressive satellite system.   In geosynchronous revolutions more than 22,500 miles over the equator, We provide Internet services in all continents, with our eleven satellites high above the earth.


On September 11th, 2016 we launched our newest and most advanced satellite, our firm, it's the world's highest-capacity communications satellite.  In satellite communications technology we are worlds leading innovators


Rural residents can get online easily and affordably with reliable, high-speed rural Internet access thus our firm's pride.  We're able to offer rural Internet service that is both fast and dependable in the world, using our sophisticated network of satellites.  Our firm presently bids broadband Internet that is thirty times faster than dial-up.  As we advance our expertise and increase the size and scope of our satellite network, we plan to offer even more quickly upload and download speeds shortly. To learn more about rural internet, go to


Our firm currently provides rural Internet access to occupants and businesses in almost every area of the world.   Having a clear view of the south facing sky is the primary requirement.


We do the rest.   Our business provide some services to rural customers, before internet access


You play and work without worrying about losing your connection or being bothered by slow internet speeds when you are connected to high-speed internet in rural areas. Our firm helps you stay connected, study and play.   Send and receive large files through email, enjoy video chatting as internet speed is reliable, faster access to online software when you are connected.   Play online games, streaming movies and shows and buy online


Working for our company.


For our company to work you need to place a steadfast satellite dish on your household that sends and receives signal to our satellite.  To links you swiftly and more effectively to the web, the signal is transmitted back down to an earth station.


No telephone line or other wired connection is required.  Multiple customers are satisfyingly surprised about how fast rural internet can be, this because Today's satellite internet is quicker and reliable than when the technology initial began


Our firm satellite internet device at can be installed by professionals within three hours; you should not fret over anything since when you entrust a renown rural internet company they would do everything in their power to ensure that you are connected.



Wave Direct firm will power all your Internet-enabled devices through your home network, and Once your wireless router is connected.